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Гость Дата 29.3.2009, 5:02
  After aplying your changes it works fine for spanish too!

I can write €, íííí, óóóó, úúú, áááá, ñññññ, etc without problem.

I have submited the changes to the SVN version.

Tomorrow I'will prepare an executable for windows (today we have one hour less in Spain due to spring time date change). Now here its 04:01 and its time to go to sleep.

Than you very much
el_chaman Дата 29.3.2009, 4:46
  Hi Litkevich Yuriy:

Yes, I have a similar problem in spanish when accesing from linux client to windows machines (both in spanish, but with different codifications [UTF-8/UTF-16]). I'm working on it, because maybe it's a plobrem related to unixodbc

If you wish we can keep traking these errors at clienteODBC forum (

I thank you all the giving help at, but I think that it could be more interesting for other users/developpers to have a centraliced place to go.

If you wish I can add all volunteers to the project so we can work toguether.

It's a SVN repository too, so we can have a track of all changes made.
You can get the last SVN revision from
Litkevich Yuriy Дата 29.3.2009, 4:46
  Now it's time the bad news.

Problem with encoding when using the database.
I have a database in Win-1251 encoding (OS encoding). (sreen)
And I have to solve the following way (in main.cpp):

    QTextCodec::setCodecForCStrings(QTextCodec::codecForLocale()); // Add line

P.S. Perhaps this is bad, is not universal, method. But I have no other thought.

A little bit of use the program, I found an error in translation. Here is a corrected version of ts-file:Прикрепленный файл ( 2.35 килобайт ) Кол-во скачиваний: 263
el_chaman Дата 29.3.2009, 1:14
  Hi again!

I've finished the translation release (thans a lot Litkevich Yuriy, you are now in the credits section! (http// crew too!)

You can now see a Russian capture in;ssid=102216

English translation has been done as well..

Thanks a lot for your help.

You can download 0.4.1 release at now in russian.
AD Дата 28.3.2009, 22:58
Цитата(ViGOur @ 28.3.2009, 20:42) *
Конечно, достаточно простой и односложный язык. :)

Цитата(ViGOur @ 28.3.2009, 11:59) *
Es no yo, es google.
попробуй догалайся, о чем это я сказал. ;)

Это не я, это Google!

Блин, вот не лень вам! :)))
ViGOur Дата 28.3.2009, 20:42
  Конечно, достаточно простой и односложный язык. :)

Цитата(ViGOur @ 28.3.2009, 11:59) *
Es no yo, es google.
попробуй догалайся, о чем это я сказал. ;)
AD Дата 28.3.2009, 18:15
Цитата(Litkevich Yuriy @ 28.3.2009, 18:02) *
AD, это ты к кому?

For all, who is from Russia!
Litkevich Yuriy Дата 28.3.2009, 18:02
  AD, это ты к кому?
AD Дата 28.3.2009, 17:45
How do you know spanish? :)
ViGOur Дата 28.3.2009, 11:59
Цитата(Гость_el_chaman_* @ 28.3.2009, 2:08) *
P.S.: Te aseguro que tu espaol es muchísimo mejor que mi ruso.
Es no yo, es google.

Let's speak in English. :)
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