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> Вышел GCC 4.3.1, Обсуждение новостей с сайта
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GCC 4.3 Release Series

Changes, New Features, and Fixes

  • GCC requires the GMP and MPFR libraries for building all the various front-end languages it supports. See the prerequisites page for version requirements.
  • ColdFire targets now treat long double as having the same format as double. In earlier versions of GCC, they used the 68881 long double format instead.
  • The m68k-uclinux target now uses the same calling conventions as m68k-linux-gnu. You can select the original calling conventions by configuring for m68k-uclinuxoldabi instead. Note that m68k-uclinuxoldabi also retains the original 80-bit long double on ColdFire targets.
  • The -fforce-mem option has been removed because it has had no effect in the last few GCC releases.
  • The i386 -msvr3-shlib option has been removed since it is no longer used.
  • Fastcall for i386 has been changed not to pass aggregate arguments in registers, following Microsoft compilers.
  • Support for the AOF assembler has been removed from the ARM back end; this affects only the targets arm-semi-aof and armel-semi-aof, which are no longer recognized. We removed these targets without a deprecation period because we discovered that they have been unusable since GCC 4.0.0.
  • Support for the TMS320C3x/C4x processor (targets c4x-* and tic4x-*) has been removed. This support had been deprecated since GCC 4.0.0.
  • Support for a number of older systems and recently unmaintained or untested target ports of GCC has been declared obsolete in GCC 4.3. Unless there is activity to revive them, the next release of GCC will have their sources permanently removed.
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